PrettyRiver Goldens is situated in Collingwood, Ontario, on the south shore of Georgian Bay. We acquired our first dog, a Springer, while Gordon was still in graduate school and got involved with the Credit Valley Kennel and Obedience Club shortly after the club started. It was there we met the Lee's (Ambercroft)

When our daughter graduated, she wanted her own dog and she wanted a Golden. Well if you want a Golden, you better get a good one and Ambercroft has very good ones – lets look them up. We did we watched Poker's litter grow with anticipation and drove the puppy, Ramoth, up to Terrance Bay when it was ready. A little later Beth and Ramoth came home for Christmas. Shortly after Beth returned to work, we got an e-mail with an aside that Ramoth's sister, Molly was back with Carol. We were missing Ramoth's presence so got in touch with Carol to see if she was looking for a home for Molly. Well, Molly had grown into a lovely puppy and Carol was not willing to place her in a pet home. After some negotiation, we became half owners of this beautiful bitch. She became our foundation.. She had the classic Golden temperament, friendly, very smart and biddable.

We work to produce superior Goldens. For us, that means Goldens that are a pleasure to be around because they are mentally and physically sound, look good and most of all, respond with enthusiasm to training.

We are members of the CKC, the Golden Retriever Club of America and the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto. Gord has served on the executive of the GRCGT as director, vice-president and president.




Goldens@prettyriver.ca      Tel: 705 446-2006

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